SPOTLIGHT ON: Deanne Johnson, ProMed Staffing Resources Scheduling Coordinator

Our scheduling coordinator Deanne walks in every day with a smile on her face, when asked what it is that makes her so cheerful she says, “I majored in nursing in college but I never got to finish and I really wanted a chance to work in the field; that’s why I like working here, I get to help people get started on the path to their dream career, I help them support themselves doing what they love! My job can be stressful but I feel really comfortable here and we laugh a lot, so I think the lightness of the atmosphere takes the stress of the job away”

After moving to New York at age 12, Deanne went to Lehman High School in the Bronx where she met her husband, Kemar. The two went to City Tech College together and afterwards he joined the Army and now serves in the National Guard; they’ve been together 7 years, she says they’re soul mates.
Deanne enjoys the thrill of working in Manhattan which she says hasn’t worn off yet. “I grew up in Jamaica with 5 older brothers! It wasn’t very glamorous but I always dreamed of working in Manhattan, I would watch all the shows and imagine grabbing drinks with the girls like I was a Carrie” she says laughing. “I think my favorite thing about working in the city is the fashion. I love bright colors and creativity, clothes are how I express myself and being in Manhattan gives me a chance to really shine”

We’re thrilled to have Deanne as part of the ProMed team!


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