CEO Hirsch at the fourth of July bonus surprise

CEO Hirsch at the fourth of July bonus surprise

While many staffing agencies’ employees were going through harsh and unfair layoffs, Mendy Hirsch handed out Fourth of July bonuses to his employees. As the CEO of ProMed Staffing Resources, a company that provides staffing solutions for the healthcare industry, he knows that his workers are under a lot of stress. This Fourth of July bonus was a way of thanking his employees for their hard work and dedication.


“I wanted to do something special for my employees to show them how much I appreciate their hard work,” Hirsch said. “They are the ones who make our company successful, and I wanted to give back to them in a meaningful way.”


Hirsch has been in the business for over 20 years and has seen many staffing companies go through tough times. He was determined to not let his employees suffer the same fate.


“It’s important to me that our employees know that we care about them,” he said. “We’re all in this together, and I wanted to show them that we’re here to support them.”


In fact, giving back has been one of ProMed Staffing Resources’ core values since its inception. Hirsch believes that his employees are what set his company apart from others in the industry. “We’re not just a staffing agency,” he said. “We’re a family.”


The bonus was a welcome surprise for his employees. They will be able to enjoy their Fourth of July weekend with a little extra cash in their pockets.


“This Fourth of July bonus was such a nice gesture,” said one employee. “It really made me feel appreciated and valued.”


Another employee thanked Hirsch for his generosity, saying “This bonus was a really nice surprise. It’s great to know that our company cares about us.”


Hirsch says that he plans to continue giving back to his employees in the future, and he encourages other businesses to do the same.


All in all, this was a magical moment for ProMed Staffing resources. The hope remains that other businesses will be inspired to show their employees how much they appreciate them as well.

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